NowWhat Next? Life After High School

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Interested in supports for people transitioning to college, university, or the workforce? Here’s what you need to know!

Who is it for?

Youth and young adults ages 17-29 who:

  • Have just graduated high school and/or
  • Are starting university or college for the first time and/or
  • Are living alone for the first time and/or
  • Are in their first professional job and want to become more efficient 

And also:

  • Are managing diagnosed or suspected ADHD, ASD, or Anxiety and/or
  • Have struggled in the first year(s) of post-secondary education with any of the following:
    • Organization
    • Task initiation
    • Focus & harnessing attention
    • Prioritizing multiple assignments
    • Motivation
    • Navigating online platforms
    • Identifying success criteria
    • Time management

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When is it happening?

  • 1-hour sessions running weekly over the course of 8 weeks
  • Flexible scheduling and start date

Where is it held?

  • The clinic is located at 144 Wilson St E, Ancaster, between Halson & Jerseyville
  • Sessions can be held in-person or virtually
  • The clinic follows strict Covid safety protocols

What is involved?

Teaching a combination of executive skills and DBT skills, this individualized program is designed to provide youth and young adults with the skills to navigate their lives post-high school so that they can be successful and feel empowered to make effective choices.

Our therapeutic goals are to help young adults:

  • Learn organization strategies 
  • Learn to balance school with other priorities (work, social life, etc.)
  • Develop time management skills
  • Learn ways to strengthen focus
  • Learn ways to navigate undesirable and non-preferred tasks
  • Establish strategies that allow them to cope ahead and avoid stressful situations
  • Learn ways to develop motivation
  • Develop work-life balance and self-care strategies that foster succcess

How much does it cost?

  • $1200 ($150/session) for 8 sessions
  • The course is covered under many benefit plans

Get in touch today to register or speak more about the program with one of our Case Managers.

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