Occupational Therapists help people learn to adapt to their circumstances and overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of fully enjoying and participating in the ordinary activities of their daily lives, including:

  • Self care (dressing, eating, routines, tying shoes, zips & buttons)
  • Productivity (work challenges, arts/crafts, school work, sport specific skills)
  • Leisure (sports, hobbies, recreational activities)
  • Sensory Processing challenges
  • Executive functioning (personal & mental organisation)
  • Fine and gross motor tasks (including handwriting)
  • Social skills

Occupational Therapy may also be helpful in the case of an accident that alters your capabilities, a physical disability, developmental delays or a neurodiversity such as ADHD or ASD. Assessments for ADHD also available for adults and young adults.

An Occupational therapist takes a holistic approach by examining the environment, the person, and the challenging activity and then, through assessments and collaboration with the family, they develop an individualized plan involving task adaptation, environmental modification and skill building in order to bring about long term positive change.

As part of our multi-disciplinary team approach at NowWhat, our OT also consults on many of our program offerings, supports the children in our alternative learning groups and helps behaviour coaches develop plans for targeting specific challenges with their clients.

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