Most of our clients find us when they are facing the big ‘Now What?’ questions in life – after a confusing new diagnosis, when feeling overwhelmed or at school or work, or when struggling with important relationships in their lives. There are no easy answers, but you don’t have to face the questions alone. What your support looks like depends entirely on what you need. Our Case Management services can help with everything from creating smoother morning routines for each family member, to helping you prepare for a job interview or map out a career plan; from meeting with your child’s principal and teachers, to marriage counselling and collaborative problem solving; from working through a needle phobia in preparation for a vaccination, to sharpening fine motor skills and speech articulation, to personal or workplace organisation. Your support plan will be as unique as you are!

Case Management is a broad term for looking at the big picture, mapping out your forward plan, and evaluating how your plan is working out or if it needs to be tweaked. It can include:

  • Referring you for public or private Psych-Ed or Neuro-Psych reports if there is a need for a diagnosis
  • Helping you make the best use of your therapeutic budget; understand your benefits and/or apply for any funding that is available to you (Ontario Autism funding, SSAH, Disability Tax Credits, local grants)
  • Identifying and assessing your needs and the needs of any other family members in order to understanding the big picture and how to prioritise them within your available time & resources
  • Linking you to other supports and opportunities, including referring you to other services, doctors and specialists in our local network as needed
  • Filling out government paperwork and application forms
  • Advocating on your behalf at school or in your workplace
  • Mapping out a plan and putting it into action – working out the best ways to support you and scheduling you in for group and/or individual sessions
  • Monitoring your ongoing progress and adjusting the plan as needed

When you reach out to us, we will get back in touch for a complementary 30 minute intake to get a brief idea of your needs and answer any questions you may have about our clinic. If you decide you want to work with us, we will schedule a comprehensive Initial appointment to really understand your situation and put together a plan of action with our team of experts. If we believe you would benefit from further assessment and diagnosis we will refer you to trusted local specialists.

As part of your overall plan, we can liase with teachers, co-parents and caregivers. We can help you work out whether you are eligible for any tax credits or public funding and help you with the application process, as well as help interpret your benefits and work out the best way to maximise your therapy dollars. We know finances are often tight when there are ongoing challenges in a household, so we work hard to keep services affordable while giving you access to top quality therapists and programs.

Parent Coaching

When accessing services for a child, it is almost always helpful to have a block of Parent Coaching Sessions as part of your bigger plan, to help understand and manage diagnoses and challenges around parenting high-needs children, to cope with the challenges of blending families and changing family structure or navigating a separation or divorce, to help you guide your children through transition or traumatic experience, to work through issues around gender identity and sexuality, and to learn emotional regulation skills that will help you parent in ways that reflect your values.