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Meet Dan Zaitzow, Ontario Certified Teacher, student advocate and NowWhat Executive Function ninja.  Dan heads up our Middle & High School supervised learning clinics, as well as offering 1:1 sessions (virtual and in-person) to help students from Grade 7 to 12 with all things educational. Dan has been successfully supporting students through their synchronous online work and in private academic coaching sessions with dauntless positivity and humour during this challenging time, striking a healthy balance between confidence-boosting, ownership and accountability.

Right now a lot parents are working from home while managing multiple children’s online school schedules.  Keeping up with higher level curriculums and coaching your own kids is a challenging job at the best of times – and if your teens are anything like ours, their motivation levels are waning.  Regular academic support sessions with Dan can help shift the dynamic in your household and take the pressure off parents as the ones chasing down assignment descriptions, searching for links, nagging about due dates and reviewing content.  Dan helps students advocate for themselves,  and can also communicate with teachers and schools to provide specific strategies or advocate on a students’ behalf.

Dan’s goal is for students to develop and sharpen their Executive Function skills – these are the skills that allow us to plan, prioritise, initiate and follow through on projects independently.  A lot of middle/high schoolers may have the skills to perform the tasks demanded of them via online learning, but struggle to get started, maintain focus, use their tech appropriately and figure out how to allocate their time effectively.  This makes it hard to meet deadlines and submit finished work that reflects their true abilities (or at least lands in the ballpark!).

Executive function training is helpful for everyone, but it is crucial for those working with extra challenges such as ADHD, ASD and Learning Disabilities.

If your student could use help with:

  • Setting priorities
  • Gracking assignments & due dates
  • Fully understanding teacher expectations
  • Breaking assignments into manageable chunks
  • Walking through the order of operations 
  • Self-advocating with emails or questions to the teacher
  • Developing focus strategies
  • Setting goals and making a realistic plan to achieve them

… then get in touch with us today to book, and give yourself and your high schooler some extra space to protect your relationship, reduce school-related anxiety and guard everyone’s mental health during this tough time.  Individual support is $100 an hour, and can be broken into 30 minute blocks (currently delivered virtually). 

Another option is joining our supervised learning clinic in Ancaster for either a half day ($100) or a full day ($140) in person on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for up to three days weekly (see calendar).   In this setup, students work in their own room in our spacious, socially-distanced breakout room, with teacher oversight and guidance under full Covid safety protocols.  They do their synchronous online learning as they would at home, and also get assignment support with executive function coaching woven in throughout their day.  This program is covered by many benefit plans.  And as always, our clients benefit from our team approach, with MSWs, behaviour coaches, an OT and an SLT on site for regular collaboration.

Don’t let your high schooler struggle alone – we’re here to help!