Advocacy & Meeting Attendance

Our team is able to attend teacher, principal, and school resource meetings in order to advocate with and for you, and to help you navigate your options through the public, Catholic and private systems. We work as allies and bridge-builders, fostering positive and respectful engagement between families and schools, from kindergarten to Post-Secondary level. Contact us to find out more about how we can help advocate for your student today.

Support For Classroom Teachers

We can provide busy classroom teachers with specific information, resources, and plans that work for your child to help with Executive Functioning (time management, transition plans, behavior management, visual schedules, organization and task management) in the classroom. Reach out if your student could benefit from personalized teacher support.

In-School Observation

As parents, it can be hard to get a clear picture of what kind of support your child receives or requires at school. Our behaviour coaches can observe your child in the classroom and make recommendations to you and their teachers to optimize their in-class experience. Our coaches have also gone into schools during recess, lunch or free periods for 1:1 tutoring support during the school day when extra help is needed. Contact us if school observation could help put the pieces together for your student.

Post-Secondary & Vocational Accommodations & Advocacy

Navigating the world of college, university, or vocational training as a young adult can be intimidating, particularly for those with learning exceptionalities. Adults with learning differences often struggle to perform in the workplace. Our ADHD & Executive Function specialists offer personalized support to help support you through all aspects of your post-secondary education.

We can also tailor support to meet your needs as a member of the workforce, help you map out the next move in your career, prepare you for job interviews and help you problem-solve challenges on the job.