Often when kids are struggling with behavioural or learning exceptionalities such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder or global developmental delays, parents and caregivers can benefit from parent coaching as part of their support plan. If you’re reading this, you are clearly already a caring and concerned guardian who wants the best for their child, but it can be hard to know how best to help them when they are struggling and you are just getting through each day.

Parent coaching helps you understand, accept and adapt to your reality so that you can be your child’s champion as they learn important life skills while you guide them into reaching their full potential. We can help multiple caregivers get on the same page so there is a more consistent home environment for your child. Coaches can offer useful tips, tricks and tech hacks that can make difficult elements of daily life smoother for your family. We can create specific resources for your home, target ‘trouble zones’ such as morning and evening routines, help with executive functioning challenges such as home organisation, scheduling and time management, and give you space to express concerns and do some problem solving with an experienced coach in your specific situation. Often the skills we are teaching your children are equally helpful to parents, and the better you understand your child’s journey, the more you are equipped to help them on their path to independence.

Parent coaching is also an important component of our DBT Groups.