Our Process

When you first reach out, we’ll set you up in our system and send you the appropriate intake form for yourself or your child.  Once we receive your completed form, our Intake Team will carefully review your case and one of our Therapeutic Care Coordinators will reach out to direct you to one of the following next steps: Read More

Our Rates

We work hard to keep our fees as accessible as possible while maintaining high standards of professionalism, hiring a top-quality team, and providing the behind-the-scenes collaboration, creativity, and cross-discipline consultation that makes NowWhat’s programs and services so effective. Read More

Payment & Billing Info

NowWhat Support Services is a private clinic and is not covered by OHIP, but our services are covered by many private extended benefit plans under Mental Health or Counselling (MSW, RSW, RP), Speech & Language Therapy (SLP), Occupational Therapy (OT) or BCBA (Behaviour Analyst) – please see our Insurance FAQs page for more info. Families who have received government funding such as OAP and Passport funds are also able to use these funds at NowWhat. Read More

Cancellation Policy

Individual appointments require 48-hours notice for no-charge cancellations as of August 1, 2023. Failing 48-hour notice of cancellation, we charge 50% for the first occurrence, and full session fees will be charged for any subsequent late cancellations. We understand that illnesses and unexpected events are impossible to plan for; unfortunately, without a cancellation policy in place, we wouldn’t be able to keep the doors open to serve families like yours. Please be kind to our front desk staff. Read More

Invoice and Receipt Change Policy

If you require specific information on an invoice in order to be covered by your benefit plan (eg. if you are receiving a family service that is being billed under more than one family member’s name/split-billed), please make clear arrangements with our billing team (accounts@nowwhatsupports.caahead of your appointment to ensure the information needed to bill you is accurate and up to date. Read More

Admin & Case Management Fees

Any administrative or case management services asked of your therapist outside of your session (except for scheduling of appointments) will be billed to you by the quarter hour at our standard rate ($165/hr, $180/hr for OT/SLP). This will include:

  • Writing letters, reports, or emails on your/your child’s behalf
  • Phone calls (eg. with school, teachers, parents, and other services)
  • Case management meetings requested by clients
  • Case management required to responsibly manage high-conflict situations