Growing Together Garden-to-Table Summer Program

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Interested in our garden-to-table social skills and supper program?  Here’s what you need to know!

Who Is It For?

  • Pre-teens and teens from approximately Grade 7 to 10 (some flexibility, please enquire)
  • Kids who would benefit from an opportunity to work on their social skills in a supportive real-life setting
  • Those managing diagnosed or suspected ADHD, ASD or Anxiety
  • Kids who would benefit from engaging in hands-on outdoor projects and interacting with animals
  • Kids who have been cooped up through these challenging closures and would benefit from soil, sunshine and social exposure
  • Please talk to us if your youth may need extra support to participate

When Is It Happening?

  • 4.30pm – 6.30pm on Wednesdays (drop-off program; no parent involvement required)
  • 8 week summer course runs from June 23rd to August 11th 2021
  • Supper provided prepping and enjoying a meal together is part of the program

Where Is It Held?

  • Program is based at the NowWhat clinic at 144 Wilson St E, Ancaster, between Halson & Jerseyville

  • We are based largely in the backyard garden and in our weather protected outdoor canopies with physical distancing and full Covid safety procedures in place during restrictions

  • We will also be visiting the Ancaster Farmer’s Market a short walk down Wilson St E on selected evenings as part of the program

What Is Involved?

This program combines social skills training with opportunities to practice and use the skills they are learning built in to an evening of outdoor fun.

Our goals is to help kids:

  • Build and maintaining positive relationships
  • Develop resilience & flexibility
  • Learn about brain-body connections
  • Connect to nature, take a wider view & disconnect from the online world
  • Try new tastes, textures and sensory experiences, work through the discomfort related to trying new things
  • Regulate emotions & mange stress as challenges are faced
  • Consider other perspectives, challenge black and white thinking
  • Interact with their peers and learn to build healthy friendships in a Covid-safe environment
  • Work through social anxiety related to re-entry to ‘normal’ life in the coming post-Covid world

We will explore social dynamics using activities such as:

  • Planning, planting and harvesting vegetables in our backyard garden, building planter boxes etc – focusing on hands-on, physically grounding work
  • Caring for and interacting with our therapy guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Preparing and enjoying a meal together
  • Visiting the Ancaster Farmer’s Market, where we will work to understand where our food comes from, look at budgeting and price comparisons, think about meal plans, and practice expected behaviours and appropriate interactions in a different type of social setting
  • Putting social skills & strategies they have learned into practice in situations where comfort zones can be safely expanded

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The 8 week program cost is $600, due on registration
  • The financial commitment is for the full 8 weeks
  • Participants are billed for every session regardless of attendance (spaces are restricted due to Covid distancing and number capping requirements)
  • Course is covered under most benefit plans
  • A credit card number is required to be kept on file, with paid receipts emailed at the end of each week for submission to your insurance company.  Alternately an e-transfer for the full cost of the program can be emailed in advance.  Please talk to us if you require alternate arrangements

Get in touch today to register or to talk to one of our Case Managers about whether this group is a good fit for you!
289 678 0581


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