Find Your Voice with Speech Therapy

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Communication is a huge part of life.  We all need to be understood, and to understand the world around us.  When obstacles get in the way of communicating well with others, life can be pretty tough.  As a parent, it can be heartbreaking to watch your child struggle to be heard and understood.  Speech therapy can help your child find their voice!

Speech pathologists (therapists) are experts in communication.  Their job is to help people overcome barriers so they can communicate more effectively.  These barriers could be anything from hearing loss, to stuttering, to speech motor delays.  These challenges might arise as children develop, or after an accident, injury or trauma.  Speech and language challenges are also common among those managing ADHD, Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 21) and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

As well as language and communication, SLPs are trained to help people with chewing, swallowing and feeding challenges.

Because langauge and communication is a part of everything we do, an SLP has many tools at their disposal to help their clients.  Often, games and stories about topics of interest are used to help keep kids engaged and feel less self-conscious about practicing or trying new sounds.  Building new habits takes time and repitition, and SLPs will often recommend a block of sessions followed by a consolidation period where the client has time to integrate their new sounds or skills into daily life.  The more daily practice can be built into a routine at home, the easier it is for clients to master their new skills.

Asia Laviolette, speech pathologist extraordinaire at NowWhat Support Services in Ancaster, Ontario, knows she has to be quick on her feet to keep her clients’ attention and focus during their 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions.  She loves the challenge of finding ways to connect kids to new skills, and the satisfaction that comes from seeing them make progress and acheive the goals they have been working on together – such as being able to finally pronounce a sibling’s name.  Asia has a fun, positive energy that puts her clients completely at ease.  She is fluent in french, and can provide speech & language services in both french and english.  Fun fact – Asia also happens to be a trained circus performer!  Stay tuned for our upcoming circus-themed communication groups!

Asia is available for 30, 45 minute and 60 minute sessions, both online and in person at our Ancaster clinic, which remains open as an essential service through the lockdowns.  Strict Covid protocols are in place for in person appointments.

Talk to us today if your child needs help finding their voice!