Grief Support Group Summer 2021

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Interested in our 6-week Grief Support Group for kids?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Who Is It For?

  • Elementary aged kids who have experienced the death of a loved one 

When Is It Happening?

  • 7.00pm – 8.30pm on Wednesdays (drop-off program)
  • Waitlist being built – please enquire

Where Is It Held?

  • Program is based at the NowWhat clinic at 144 Wilson St E, Ancaster, between Halson & Jerseyville

  • We are based both in the backyard garden and in our weather protected outdoor canopies and indoors with physical distancing and full Covid safety procedures in place during restrictions

  • We may also include time on the nearby nature trails as part of our sessions

What Is Involved?

Designed and delivered by warm, compassionate Child Life Specialists, this 6 week program will create a safe space for grieving children to:

  • Understand and normalize their experience
  • Learn shared language for expressing difficult emotions
  • Actively create their own ‘Coping Kit’ for hard moments
  • Participate in hands-on memory-making activities
  • Ask questions and have their misconceptions clarified around death, bereavement and grief 
  • Interact with other kids who ‘get it’ in a Covid-safe environment
  • Have a space and time set aside where they don’t have to be strong for other grieving family members

We will provide parents/caregivers with a list of trusted resources so that you are able to reiterate the themes we are exploring as a family, use shared language to understand and express emotions, and feel equipped to continue these conversations at home.

There will also be opportunities to commmunicate with your child’s coaches and submit specific questions or concerns.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The full program cost is $600, due on registration

  • The financial commitment is for the full 6 weeks(spaces are restricted due to Covid distancing and number capping requirements)

  • Participants are billed for every session regardless of attendance (virtual make-ups provided for sessions missed due to illness or isolation)

  • Course is covered under most benefit plans

  • A credit card number is required and the full program cost is charged upfront, with paid receipts emailed weekly from the credit on your account for submission to your insurance company.  Alternatively an e-transfer for the full cost of the program can be emailed on registration
  • Please talk to us if you don’t have benefits, or if cost is a concern


Meet The Team

Get in touch tod
ay to register or to talk to one of our Case Managers about whether this group is a good fit for you!
289 678 0581



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