If you’re thinking of joining us for Teen DBT, here’s everything you need to know!

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy that teaches social and emotional life skills.  DBT balances practical, concrete ‘Change Skills’ and ‘Acceptance Skills’, with the goal of expanding our perspective-taking ability and building greater effectiveness in our daily lives.

The main goals of DBT are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others.  In this program, we cover these four key elements of DBT in depth, presenting the material with relevant examples, encouraging  deeper critical thinking & making room for robust group discussion:

  • Mindfulness:
    Remaining present and focused, harnessing our attention

  • Emotional Regulation: 
    Learning about our feelings, how they affect our bodies and brains, and how to move through them in helpful ways

  • Distress Tolerance: 
    Dealing with hard, boring, unfair and uncomfortable situations, managing through the tough stuff and climbing out of ‘thinking traps’

  • Interpersonal skills: 
    Effectively communicating what we feel and think to others, and reading other peoples’ social cues so we know how to respond appropriately

  • Optional Extra Executive Function Module:
    For our Youth and Teen programs, we have developed an extra 6-week Executive Function module with Certified Teachers and Executive Function Coaches, which builds on the emotional regulation themes learned during the first four modules and targets school-specific skills, applying DBT-based skills to study strategies and equipping middle and high schoolers with the tools they need to succeed as learners (includes physical and digital templates and resources to keep for future use) – this module can be completed individually, in pairs or in small groups.

Who is it For?

  • Teen DBT is for 15-17 year olds
  • DBT is for anyone who wants to build a healthy social-emotional foundation for life!
  • Optional extra Executive Function module is for anyone who wants to leverage their DBT tools to hone their study, personal organization and independent learning skills

Why would we join?

  • You, a doctor or a teacher may have noticed your teen could use extra support managing their feelings/moods (known as emotional regulation), working on age-appropriate social & communication skills, and dealing with discomfort
  • You may recently have been given a diagnosis such as ADHD, ASD or Anxiety and you are looking for ways to understand and manage these challenges as a family
  • You may be looking to help your teen manage anxiety around re-entry to post-pandemic activities, expectations and routines
  • Your teen may be feeling like they’re hitting invisible roadblocks in their social, home and academic life

Where & when is it happening?

  • 144 Wilson St E, Ancaster
  • Fall session runs from September 29 – December 15, 2022
  • Group sessions are Thursdays 7.30 – 9.00pm
    (If the current start dates don’t work for your family, you can always join our waitlist for the next group)

What is included?

  • Complimentary 30-minute intake (standard clinic practice)
  • Introductory 1:1 Orientation session with DBT coach to set individual goals
  • Introductory 1:1 Parent Orientation
  • 12 weeks of 90-minute small group sessions (can be paid up front or billed weekly at $150/week)
  • One individual Coaching session for your teen in the second half of the program to individualize the content
  • Weekly email update with skills videos explaining content for parents & families
  • Weekly content-only make up session available for kids who missed the group session in the case of absence due to illness or emergency
  • Interactive parent workshops with Parent Coach, DBT facilitator and social worker, spaced throughout the program

How much does it cost & how is it billed?

  • $1800 total cost – billed at $150 per week for 12 weeks (includes all components)
  • $300 deposit due on registration (to stay as a credit on account)
  • The financial commitment for is for the full course duration of twelve weeks
  • Participants are billed every week regardless of attendance
  • Course is covered under  most benefit plans (MSW/Social Worker/Mental Health Counsellor) and billing can be shared between participating family members – talk to us if you need help interpreting your benefit plan
  • Ontario Autism Program funds as well as SSAH (Special Services At Home) funds can be directed towards this program
  • A credit card number is required on file, with paid receipts emailed weekly after each group session
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA:  individual parent or child coaching sessions are also available at any time ($150/session)

Bonus Features

  • Therapists really get to know participants over time, so they can help them target specific personal challenges
  • Teens are supported while they make and maintain friendships throughout the course (making new friends is a common highlight for course graduates!)
  • Constant parent feedback means we can use language and examples that are meaningful to your teens, helping them make real-life connections that make a positive difference to the dynamic in your home
  • Support your teen through the transition back to school in September

Ready to register ..?

Before you begin, if you’re brand new to NowWhat, we’ll book you an intake to get to know your needs and see if DBT is a good fit for your family. To start the registration process, please Contact Us