Our success in life depends on our ability to interact appropriately with other people.  But what does ‘appropriate’ actually mean?  The unspoken rules of socially acceptable behaviour are incredibly complicated if you stop and think about it!  Have you ever considered the difference between intimate space, personal space and social space, or the consequences that might follow if you break these protocols in public – especially during times of heightened public health awareness?  How do you know when a conversation is over, or how to start a new conversation with someone you haven’t met before?  How do you know the right time and place for a joke, when sometimes joking gets you in trouble but other times it makes people laugh and like you?

Imagine if you had difficulty interpreting body language, tone of voice and facial expressions, and had to rely solely on the literal words someone was saying to make sense of a conversation.  Children and adults on the Autism Spectrum, as well as those managing ADHD or communication disabilities can experience daily frustration and fatigue navigating these constantly moving challenges.

However if these social skills don’t come to us naturally, we can learn how to be in healthy relationships with others through repeated practice and safe, controlled exposure to a variety of social situations and experiments, and rules of thumb. 

We offer 1:1 Behaviour Coaching, as well as DBT & Social Skills groups for various ages to support this learning process.  Contact us or view our calendar for current group info.