Our popular SkillBuilders courses for JK to Grade 6, run by teachers, RECEs, social workers and behaviour coaches with input from our Speech Language Pathologist and Child Life Specialist, are always a hit with our elementary aged clients. Even from the JK level, we are passionate about laying the foundations for a healthy social and emotional life. At this age, children naturally have big feelings, and short fuses!  Through story, song, nature immersion, crafts and play, we hand children the tools they need to begin to regulate themselves without the meltdowns that arise from feeling frustrated, powerless or overwhelmed by the world around them – and the world inside them.  Emotional regulation and skilled socialization are woven seamlessly into group activities with a focus on fresh air and fun.

We have also adapted our programming to address the added challenge of living through and emerging out of a pandemic. With masking, supported social distancing, strict hand washing routines, regular surface sanitising, as much outdoor programming as possible and individual materials provided to each participant, we are taking every precaution to keep your children safe and normalise the routines that have become part of everyday life for our children.  As we move through the pandemic into the re-opening of schools and events, we are shifting our focus to helping children face anxiety around the return to ‘normal’ expectations and routines, tackle germ phobias, and smooth out social anxiety.

Various SkillBuilders programs run through the school year, with different focuses such as speech and language, handwriting and literacy, motor skills and social skills.  Our lockdown support, after-school programs, and therapeutic camp programs also fall under our SkillBuilders banner.