Who is it for?

  • Students from approximately 13-21 years old (flexible depending on needs) who would benefit from a comprehensive, wraparound approach to their education and social-emotional wellbeing
  • Students who are not currently having their learning and social-emotional needs met in conventional school settings
  • Students with diagnosed or suspected challenges and/or exceptionalities including Autism, ADHD, social navigation difficulties, behavioural challenges, giftedness, anxiety, or OCD that has been interrupting school attendance, or trauma history
  • Families looking for help to assess for lagging skills and create a plan to support their child’s ongoing development, including reintegration into mainstream programs or alternative paths
  • Busy families who would like to access a full range of trauma-informed therapeutic AND academic supports for their teen in one place and time, rather than juggle multiple appointments during the week, with a big-picture approach to your student’s general well-being
  • Shuttle available to local schools if families are taking a hybrid/supplementary approach

What is involved?

LevelUp is a comprehensive, individualized program run by experienced therapists and teachers, customized for each individual to help them move towards their academic and vocational goals through the lens of social development, emotional regulation, executive function, and distress tolerance.  We aim to meet the specific needs of each participant with a positive, strengths-based approach that includes:

  • Academic support with our therapeutic educators (OCTs)
  • Therapeutic support with a wide range of disciplines (psychotherapy & counselling, therapeutic coaching, occupational therapy, speech therapy, career counselling)
  • Regular movement breaks and snacks between sessions in our home-like environment
  • Opportunities to access local community resources such as the library, trails, market, etc
  • Speech, language & communication skills, social problem-solving & negotiation
  • Support with any challenges in daily function/routine that are creating barriers to learning
  • Filling in gaps in learning from any lost school time, and working up towards grade level if applicable
  • Parent coaching and support
  • Understanding and expressing emotions in safe, healthy ways
  • Self-regulation, meeting sensory and emotional needs safely
  • Working through distressing and uncomfortable emotions and tasks (eg non-preferred subjects)
  • Low ratio support with executive function (motivation, task initiation, harnessing attention, working memory, prioritization, time management)

Students will be building skills via individualized activities including:

  • Working towards their high school credits through an independent curriculum such as ILC
  • Life skills related to activities of interest, such as cooking or baking, sewing, basic home maintenance, caring for animals, gardening, working on backyard or interior improvement projects, creative pursuits
  • Outdoor time, hikes on the local trails, and physical challenges in our upcoming workout space
  • STEM projects that are of interest to individual participants
  • Financial literacy exercises such as understanding banking, planning and purchasing for meals/projects etc
  • Responsible use of technology for learning and entertainment
  • Making and listening to music, enjoying a range of arts and crafts opportunities
  • Animal interaction and care with our geckos, hamsters, turtles, fish, and clinic dogs
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with new adults and peers
  • Community projects such as helping with food drives, working on our Little Library etc

Where & when is it happening?

  • 144 Wilson St E, Ancaster
  • Weekdays from September 2023 to June 2024
  • Customized schedules in collaboration with families

How much does it cost & how is it billed?

  • Customized to each family’s needs, please reach out to discuss and create a plan
  • Can be fully covered by OAP Core Funding
  • The financial commitment is monthly with full payment in advance; families may register for anywhere from one to five mornings per week
  • We require a valid credit card on file; paid receipts are emailed weekly for you to submit to your insurance company
  • LevelUp can be covered by most extended benefit plans (services may be under MSW, RP, SLP, OT, or BCBA), including billing certain portions for parents for those sessions with parental involvement
  • Talk to us if you require alternate financial arrangements

How do I register?

  • LevelUp families come through our comprehensive intake process so we can get to know you and your student’s needs; this generally results in an initial 1:1 appointment for you as parents with our case manager and one for your child with our team, to generate an individual treatment plan that sets your family up for success
  • Autism families – we have a dedicated OAP Case Manager who can help your family create and administer a plan that includes all wraparound supports (groups, individual therapy, parent support, tech, material, and equipment referral letters)
  • If you’re ready to go ahead, give us a call at 289 678 0581 or send us an email at info@nowwhatsupports.ca

Meet the Team