High School Support – Grades 9-12

Is your teen working towards their high school diploma via online credits?

Would they thrive in a supported alternative learning settting due to Learning Disabilities, Giftedness, ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, or recovery from illness or trauma?

NowWhat can help!

Certified teachers and Executive Function coaches guide our high school students as they select and work towards private or board-based online credits (such as ILC credits ) providing qualified and compassionate support to help them to stay on track, navigate their virtual learning platforms and expand on challenging concepts and skills in small group and individual settings

What Is Involved?

  • Certified Teachers support student’s learning and bring concepts to life
  • Integrated therapeutic and Executive Functioning supports
  • Comfortable, low-stress learning environment with individual work areas
  • Nutritious food included in the program
  • Built-in opportunities to learn practical life skills (cooking, budgeting, time management etc)
  • Daily routines & outdoor physical activity to support overall health
  • Safe social interaction with peers
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Flexible schedule – choose your days (or part days)
  • Strict covid-19 protocols in place per government requirements

What are the Therapeutic Goals?

Included in the high school program is a weekly 1:1 session with an Executive Function Coach who will help your student identify areas of need and target them with specific plans, chart & chunk assignments into manageable pieces, and organize their personal workload, always with the goal of building skills that support independent learning.

DBT-based self-regulation and distress tolerance skills are taught in harmony with academics.  Assistive tech support and training can be put in place to manage individual challenges and scaffold each student in ways that help remove the roadblocks to their success.

Personalised re-integration plans with a focus on self-advocacy and independent learning skills are put in place for those who are returning to mainstream school or preparing for post -secondary education.

Our clinic model is highly collaborative; team members consult regularly when it benefits our clients, and we have the advantage of having a diverse therapeutic team on site including Social Workers, counsellors, a Speech Langauge Pathologist and Behaviour Coaches.

Reach out to us today to discuss your how NowLearn can support your high school student’s alternative education!