Teen DBT (15-17yrs)

Teen DBT is for young adults between 15 and 17 (includes 1:1 behaviour coaching and parent coaching via weekly Q&A).  Concept training and skills practice build on the foundations learned in Youth DBT (although participants can enter the program at any level, as the content is directed at developmental age and stage).  We continue to learn about our physical responses to stress and become skilled at interrupting overwhelming emotions when they are not helpful.  We hone skills to help us cope with distressing situations in ways that fit with our identified values, and continue to expand our window of tolerance, becoming experts at self-soothing, self-regulation and self-care.  We use cognitive skills such as putting thoughts on trial, challenging black and white thinking, perspective taking, behaviour chaining and boundary setting.  Using STOP, GIVE and FAST skills, we delve deeper into managing peer, parent and social relationships in a healthy, sustainable way.

12 week group runs June 29th – September 16th, 2021.  

NEW OPTIONAL EXTRA: 6 week Executive Function Bootcamp Module with DBT-trained Certified Teacher, building on the emotional regulation skills they have developed over the summer, this module is targeted specifically to help teens with their academic organisation in the fall as school returns: chunking, charting, planning, self-advocacy, scheduling, personal organisation, starting projects, completing projects, balancing work and play and more.

Contact Us to register, or start learning DBT skills anytime  1:1 via Therapeutic Behaviour Coaching


Sep 16 2021


7:15 pm - 9:00 pm