Early Childhood Support helps our youngest clients who come to us with outward challenges such as tantrums, defiance, anxiety or social differences that can sometimes stem from frustrations around communication or undiagnosed neuro-diversities.  We often work with both children and parents to help tackle challenges in a big-picture way.  Depending on your needs, we may place your little ones with a Child Life Specialist, a Social Worker, or a Therapeutic Coach.

Our experienced RECEs can help support your preschooler with or without an early diagnosis (Ontario Autism Program funding is able to be used for services at NowWhat Supports).  We work both one-on-one and in small groups with our preschool and early elementary families, and also offer important wraparound support and training for parents and co-parents as well as sibling support, which can be helpful when one child’s needs are dominating the family landscape.

We can help identify trouble zones in your home/preschool/school routines (mornings, mealtimes, bedtimes, recess) and problem-solve with you and your child to create systems that ease transitions and reduce stress with tools like visual schedules, chunking tasks, backwards chaining and emotional regulation skills.

We have an on-site Speech Language Pathologist  and an Occupational Therapist who offer one to one and group programming.

We also run highly successful pre-DBT social skills programs called SkillBuilders specifically for this age group, including summer camps and PA days.  These programs are staffed with RECEs,  Social Workers, Certified Teachers and Behaviour Coaches who have a passion for engaging little ones in their own learning processes, so that they come to love learning and feel positive about themselves as students and as people.  Children who could benefit from extra support, including those managing diagnosed or suspected ASD, ADHD, Giftedness or Learning Disabilities, will thrive in this creative and personalized environment.

SkillBuilders can then graduate naturally to the Jr DBT program (7-8yrs) which continues to teach higher level self-regulation concepts as children grow in their developmental abilities.