At NowWhat Support Services, we have developed unique DBT programs, adapted specifically for various ages and stages from 7 to adult, with a focus on accessibility for a neurodiverse population. Groups are 12-24 weeks long with individual, group, and parent components.  There is a logical progression in concept building, skill development, and application from one level to the next.

DBT is often recommended by family doctors when concerns are raised around mood and emotional regulation.  Many of our DBT families are taking a proactive approach to their family’s social and emotional health by building a family library of language, skills and strategies alongside their kids ahead of adolescence, so they can approach the teen years with a full ‘tool kit’ – rather than wait to learn these skills during times of distress or difficulty.

Our DBT programs are not just effective, they’re also FUN!  We believe in a strengths-based, proactive, hands-on, and positive approach to ‘therapy’ that connects people to themselves and others in healthy and joyful ways.  We screen carefully to ensure that our groupings are a good fit, and work with families to explore whether the time is right for you to take on the commitment of a DBT group, as family support is key to long-term skill integration.  If a group setting isn’t the right fit at this time, we can always begin with individual coaching and work toward group participation in the future.

We offer DBT groups for the following ages and stages, each of which builds progressively on the previous skills and concepts – follow the links for current course information:

Contact us to get the intake process rolling – we have programs starting regularly for all age groups –  or get started with some one-to-one personalized coaching which is available any time through our Therapeutic Behaviour Coaches.