At NowWhat Support Services we have developed unique, proactive, positively framed DBT programs, adapted specifically for various ages and stages. Groups are 12-26 weeks long with individual, group and parent components. There is a logical progression in concept building and skills development from one level to the next, and there is ongoing support available for all program graduates.

We offer DBT groups for the following ages and stages, each of which builds progressively on the previous skills and concepts:

  • Skill Builders Pre-DBT (4-6)
  • Kids DBT – Level 1 (7-9)
  • Kids DBT – Level 2 (9-11)
  • Social Skills DBT (10-12, group sessions only)
  • Youth DBT (11-14)
  • Teen DBT (15-17)
  • Young Adult DBT (18-25)
  • Adult/Parent DBT (26+)
  • DBT for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (18+)

Contact us to register for the next course, check out our current schedule on the Calendar,  or get started with one-to-one personalised DBT coaching which is available any time through our Therapeutic Behaviour Coaches.