Upcoming D&D Dates:

Dungeons & Dragons ‘One-Shot’ Campaign

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Monday July 22
Includes Pizza

Monday August 26
Includes Pizza

This is an excellent opportunity for:

                  • People who aren’t sure if D&D is their “thing” or not
                  • People who can’t join the summer weekly program
                  • People who are on the waitlist for fall
                  • For anyone who just can’t get enough of D&D

Dungeons & Dragons 2024-25

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  • Fall Term: Sunday September 8 – December 22
    Minimum Commitment 12 weeks
    Winter Term: Sunday January 5 – March 2
    Minimum Commitment 8  weeks
    Spring Term: Sunday March 23 – June 22
    Minimum Commitment 12 weeks

    Each campaign is carefully grouped by age & stage:
    Session 1 – 10:15am – 11:45 am
    Session 2 – 12pm – 1:30om
    Session 3 – 1:45pm – 3:15pm
    Session 4 – 3:30pm – 5:00pm
    Rate: $125/week (90-min session)One-Shot D&D Campaigns
    Saturday October 12 – times to be determined
    Saturday November 9 – times to be determined

    Saturday December 8 – times to be determined
    Rate: $200 (120 minute session)

What is involved?

Each group centers around an exciting original Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Beginners and seasoned players are welcome! D&D is a classic role-playing game (think Stranger Things) with a huge global following. It can become a life-long avenue for kids to find their people and their passion! All supplies are provided, and no experience is necessary.  Campaigns are different every time, evolving depending on the specific players’ choices and actions.  They can run for as short as a few hours, or as long as players decide to make them – some campaigns have been running for decades!

Our Behaviour Therapist and experienced Dungeon Master will guide participants through the game as they develop and practice a range of communication, social, and emotional DBT-informed skills under the supervision of pediatric supervising Social Worker Sarah, including:

  • Regulating emotions using new skills as gameplay rolls out in unexpected or non-preferred ways
  • Managing through distress and conflict when a decision is made within the game that isn’t popular
  • Perspective-taking both via imaginary characters and theoretical situations, as well as in real life with the other players and the Dungeon Master
  • Communicating clearly with others and using language effectively to discuss strategy, negotiate, compromise, and set boundaries
  • Flexible thinking, adapting to a constantly changing situation, transitioning focus & attention
  • Building positive, respectful relationships with peers and making good friends
  • Experiencing ‘safe consequences’ in a supported environment

Check out This Article from John Hopkins University about why Dungeons & Dragons is an excellent format for group therapy!

Our D&D program is full of opportunities to communicate clearly and self-regulate in social situations, identify and express emotions, and practice executive function skills.

Who is the Therapeutic Dungeons & Dragons Group for?

  • Everyone from age 8-18+!  Register your interest as we are always building groups.
  • This group would suit kids who want to level up their social-emotional skills in a small, supported social setting that engages their interests and passions
  • Fantastic opportunity for young adults looking to keep building their social problem-solving, negotiation, communication, and self-advocacy skills in a real-life setting

Where is it happening?

  • 144 Wilson St East, Ancaster

How much does it cost & how is it billed?

  • Rate is $125/session
  • One-Shot Campaigns are $200 per extended session
  • Participants who are new to the clinic must come through our standard intake process and book an initial appointment for therapeutic assessment, treatment planning, character creation and file setup ($250 initial appointment).
  • Existing clients who are new to the D&D program but have already come through our clinic intake process and/or returning players may require an initial 1:1 appointment with the Dungeon Master for character creation prior to the group at $165
  • The full cost of the program will be billed to you on registration (valid credit card required on file, or full e-transfer
  • Paid receipts are emailed weekly for you to submit to your insurance company
  • Per our group billing policy, we are unable to offer refunds for missed group sessions
  • Most extended benefit plans can cover this group under MSW (Social Work)
  • Questions about using your insurance at NowWhat?  Check out our Insurance FAQs
  • Prices are subject to change

How do I register?

  • Give us a call at 289 678 0581 or send us an email at info@nowwhatsupports.ca
  • Feel free to call in and have a chat with the front desk to ask questions and work out the best option for your family – we have lots going on around here all year, and building social fluency is a key goal in every one of our children’s programs!