If you’re thinking of joining us for our DBT course for adults living with ADHD (or ADHD-ish tendencies!) here’s everything you need to know!

What is DBT?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others.  In this program, we cover:

  • Mindfulness
    Remaining present and focused, harnessing our attention
  • Emotional Regulation 
    Learning about our feelings, how they affect our bodies and brains, and how to move through them in helpful ways

  • Distress Tolerance
    Dealing with hard, boring, unfair and uncomfortable situations, managing through the tough stuff and climbing out of ‘thinking traps’

  • Interpersonal skills
    Effectively communicating what we feel and think to others, and reading other peoples’ social cues so we know how to respond appropriately

What is ADHD? 

Attention Deficifit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) refers to a wide spectrum of neuro-divergence (a different type of hard-wiring in the brain from what is seen as ‘typical’) that usually goes hand-in-hand with Executive Function challenges.   

These are the skills that help you plan, work through discomfort, organize yourself in space and time, & generally keep your cognitive train on helpful, socially acceptable tracks!  Things like:

  • Working memory and recall
    Holding facts in mind while manipulating information; accessing facts stored in long-term memory
  • Activation, arousal and effort
    Getting started; paying attention; completing work
  • Emotion Control
    Tolerating frustration; thinking before acting or speaking
  • Internalizing language
    Using self-talk to control one’s behavior and direct future actions
  • Complex problem solving
    Taking an issue apart, analyzing the pieces, reconstituting and organizing them into new ideas
    (ref:  https://chadd.org/about-adhd/the-science-of-adhd/  )

When your Executive Function is working well for you, life runs pretty smoothly.  When they are not working reliably, it can damage your relationships, limit your career opportunities and impact your self-worth. 

Adults with ADHD are typically highly intelligent, but have often been misdiagnosed with depression, anxiety or mood disorders, missing the root cause of their challenges.  Medical professionals still vary widely in their acceptance, understanding and treatment of ADHD, making it even harder for adults to connect to helpful supports.

The good news is, ADHD and Executive Function challenges are absolutely manageable with tried and true skills, strategies, education, and when needed, the right medication.  Plus, when it is harnessed and fully understood, the ADHD brain has some serious super-power potential, endless creativity, and a positive energy that can become a real asset to you at home and in the workplace.

In this DBT course, we weave Executive Function strategies into each of the four traditional modules of DBT, making relevant connections to your daily life, and equipping you with hard skills to help you on your journey towards your best self.  Best of all, you’ll be surrouded by people who ‘get it’, and the course is delivered by compassionate, humorous and experienced therapists who live with ADHD in one form or another.  This is a 12 week investment in your future that is well worth making time for!

Do I need a diagnosis?

No!  You don’t need an official label to join this group – if you feel that you struggle in this area and want to learn the skills to improve, you’re welcome here.   If you’re curious though, and you want to get assessed before diving in, we offer adult Executive Function assessments through our SLP, generally covered by extended benefit plans – get in touch to discuss this option.

It’s also important to note that when we are operating under long term stress (global pandemic, anyone?), our executive function skills can be affected in ways that look and feel a lot like ADHD.  Short term memory, recall, emotional regulation and problem solving skills are all functions that suffer when we’re managing a heavy cognitive or emotional load for a long time.  So that would be … all adults, everywhere at this moment in time!

Who is it For?

  • This group is specifically designed for adults who struggle with diagnosed OR suspected ‘ADHD-ish’ executive function challenges
  • DBT is for anyone who wants to build a healthy social-emotional foundation for life!

Why would we join?

  • You, a doctor or your partner may have identified challenges with managing your feelings/moods (known as emotional regulation), ‘reading the room’ accurately in social situations, and dealing with hard or uninteresting situations
  • You may recently have been given a diagnosis of ADHD and  are looking for ways to understand and manage these challenges
  • You may be looking for ways to manage extra anxiety around re-entry to post-pandemic activities, expectations and routines
  • You may feel like you are hitting invisible roadblocks in your social, home and academic life
  • You may have challenges maintaining important relationships
  • You may have difficulty maintaining consistent performance at work

Where & when is it happening?

  • 144 Wilson St E, Ancaster
  • Mondays, 7.30 – 9pm
  • September 19 – December 5, 2022
    (If the current start dates won’t work for you, you can join our waitlist for the next program)

What is included?

  • 12 weeks of 90-minute small group sessions

How much does it cost & how is it billed?

  • Total program cost is $900, billed at $75 per week
  • The financial commitment is for the full course duration of twelve weeks
  • Participants are billed every week regardless of attendance (virtual makeup sessions are provided at no charge if sessions are missed due to failed screenings/illness etc)
  • Course is covered under  most benefit plans (MSW/Social Worker/Mental Health Counsellor) –  talk to us if you need help interpreting your benefit plan
  • A credit card number is required on file, with paid receipts emailed weekly after each group session
  • Extra individual coaching sessions are also available at any time ($150/session)

Forms & Links …

Before you begin, if you’re brand new to NowWhat, we’ll book you an intake to get to know your needs and see if DBT is a good fit for you.