This fully customizable program offers one on one, targeted support to post-secondary students and adults who are finding Executive Functioning challenges are an obstacle to success in their studies or vocation.

Executive Function challenges affect everything from time management, task initiation and personal organisation to emotional boundaries and maintaining healthy relationships. While common among those managing ADHD and ASD, they are often also challenging skills for students hitting post-secondary studies, those entering the workforce or changing careers, and those who have never received a formal diagnosis but have always felt a disconnect between the effort they put in at work or school, and the consistency of the results.

Designed to flex in order to meet each person’s specific needs, this 12 week support plan includes a weekly planning session with an Executive Function specialist, ongoing text and virtual coaching throughout the program for check-ins and questions, advocacy and assistance accessing any support systems that may be available through your school or workplace, and identifying, selecting and training in helpful technology to create habits and systems for their ongoing success.

Contact us to register, intake throughout the year.